Crisis in the Horn of Africa!

Update 4.14.12

When we asked our supporters to join us in ending the 2011 crisis in the Horn of Africa, the response was more than we could have imagined. Our campaign resulted in funds raised to ship 32 containers of life-saving humanitarian aid supplies—enough to touch 5.9 million people. Through the efforts of inspiring donors and fundraisers, thousands of lives were spared from starvation and disease.

The Horn of Africa crisis is not the same as it was in 2011, but there is a new need—sustainable food production. This need has urged us to continue our investment through our Global Hunger Fund, a program established to provide sustainable food provisions to people affected by food shortages.

Drought, famine, natural catastrophes, and other physical crises often create national disasters faster than the public can respond. World Help is resolved to be prepared when these situations arise. Our Global Hunger Fund allows us to do just that.

But this fund brings more than just immediate relief; it establishes sustainable and healthy futures.

Through the Global Hunger Fund, we aid hurting communities through a three-stage process. First, we supply immediate aid where necessary. Once urgent physical needs have been met, we foster continued development by providing sustainable resources like grain, crops, and rapid-growing produce.

Lastly, we help communities raise simple livestock, which is beneficial for both health and economy. These animals are bred easily and are valuable for nutrients, income, and fertilization. They are a strategic humanitarian solution for hunger, poverty, poor economy, and much more.

When you give toward the Global Hunger Fund, you provide physical and emotional relief while building toward sustainable, hope-filled futures. Join us today in avoiding disaster . . . and preserving futures.

Update 8.25.11

Through your incredible generosity and support, World Help has already raised just over 120 thousand dollars towards the cost of shipping twenty containers of food supplies (nearly 5 million meals) to Somali refugees waiting for weeks to be processed on the outskirts of Dadaab camp in Kenya. We couldn’t be more encouraged by this overwhelming response.

But we can’t afford to stop now.

The enormity of this crisis is such that if we do not continue to respond with life-saving provisions, the devastation of the famine will inevitably continue at a staggering pace. We’ve already seen your desire to get involved in stopping the worst humanitarian disaster of our time to continue. Today we need your voice, your hands, and your heart more than ever before.

We would like to challenge you to share with your friends and neighbors an exceptional opportunity to send 12.5 million dollars of life-saving medicine to Somalis in need.

While completely funding the initial phase of our response strategy in only a few short weeks is an incredible first step toward meeting these needs, we have decided to continue container shipments (food and medicine) for as many units as can be funded.

Each container, regardless of its contents, costs approximately $6,000 to ship. Join us in making the Somali people your priority in every way. We believe that together, God can use us to save thousands of lives while showing his love in genuine, practical ways.

Thank you in advance for all that you are doing to make a difference. We couldn’t do this without you.
More than 30,000 children, under the age of five, have perished in the last 90 days in southern Somalia alone.

Twelve million Somalis, Kenyans, and Ethiopians are starving due to the worst drought since the 1950s.

The U.N. reports that 600,000 children are on the brink of starvation, with little or no relief in sight. Even the most modest of estimates say that thousands will die in the coming months if conditions remain the same.

We are used to seeing television images of distressed children in need of help. It’s easy to become hardened because of the sheer magnitude of these realities. Even so, we must guard our hearts from accepting this dismal fate for the Somali people, those we are commanded to love and cherish as our neighbors and friends.

We must choose to wage battle on our collective tendency to be paralyzed by indifference, ignorance, and even the best of intentions.

Will you join us in committing to pray for the Somali people and to raise awareness of their needs? We are also asking you to give toward the cost of shipping containers of humanitarian aid to a neighboring area in Kenya, where thousands of refugees are seeking sanctuary.

Each 40-foot container costs approximately $6,000 to ship and contains 40,000 pounds of wheat, corn, nutrition-packed soup mix, and much more that can supply 240,000 life-saving meals. Think of the impact:

$1 = 40 meals
$50 = 2,000 meals
$250 = 10,000 meals
$1,000 = 40,000 meals
$6,000 = 240,000 meals

We must be bold and stand up for those without a voice.

Today, we can make a difference in the face of one of the most devastating humanitarian disasters of our time. Act now by giving to our campaign, start your own campaign, or just share with your social networks and friends.

Our goal is to provide 20 containers of food to the Horn of Africa, providing 4.8 million meals to those in desperate need! We only need $120,000 to make this a reality.

Whatever you do, join us by responding today!
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